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Quickie from the Dark Side  
01:07pm 25/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World
I just helped blow up several hundred balloons for the graduation taking place tomorrow here at St. Lewis Academy. The pink balloons smelled and tasted, yes, tasted like rotted fish. I almost vomited. The bile rose in my throat, and luckily I had skipped breakfast, or it would've been adding to the eau de rotten fish. Where the hell were those balloons stored??? If only you could now imagine the stink of the gym where said balloons are stored. Murky pond water with more than a hint of decaying seafood.
mood: sicksick
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The Computer Lab Rules  
01:04pm 25/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World
Any questionable site or site using profound langauge will NOT be tolerated.

Aye, aye.
mood: amusedamused
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Still a Hero  
08:48pm 17/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World
I was beginning to worry that I had lost my last remaining superpower, the ability to predict the weather. But no, I am still the human barometer, and am grateful for a full bottle of migraine Advil.  It's going to rain tomorrow, noo doot aboot it. Sorry, Anita, I may get to use the boots tomorrow. Somehow, though, if this were a sitcom or a film, the shot would begin with me in dry, icy St. Lewis as the wind blows the dust around me in spaghetti western swirls and then immediately change to you, in a downpour, wearing flip flops. And a white T shirt, just to boost the ratings.
mood: soresore
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Bridezilla and the Unsolved Mystery  
05:04pm 17/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World

I haven't reached the level of Bridezilla yet, but wow I wish I had a wedding planner. Or a groom who was slightly more involved. I am planning from afar! Ack! Ok. Things accomplished include:

* date, decided. (July 26, 2008)
* dress, bought.
* place, booked.
* flowers, bought.
* wedding invitation design, approved.
* wedding invitation paper, bought.
* off white asian silk/bamboo parasol, ordered. (twice. different sizes, just in case.)
* wedding favours, approved.
* family members who weren't on the list inviting themselves, achieved.
* preliminary guest list headache, alive and kicking.
* mystery of friends abroad whereabouts in 2008, unsolved.

mood: sillysilly
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no rain  
05:02pm 17/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World
Still haven't worn the rainboots yet. Alas.
mood: crushedcrushed
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Milk has a Shelf Life  
04:50pm 17/05/2007
Aimless in the Real World
OKay, here i am. Phew. I was wondering where I was for a minute there. Complicating things is the fact that the question mark key on this keyboard is non functional, so many of my questions may appear as statements. I am forced to passively pose questions. Indirectly. Yesssss. Loving it.

I'm in St. Lewis, Labrador. What's fabulous is that on Google Earth the resolution is fine enough that you can see the house I'm in. And the ice in the harbour. Labrador is a whole lot of sand and rock and ice. I couldn't get over Goose Bay, where I actually had to spend many nights waiting for a flight. Yep, we got stuck in Goose Bay with the weather. Five interns, going from each having a room to all of us crammed between two rooms, to all of us crammed into one room. Popular hotel. Lucky we all liked each other. The food was fabulous.

My tooth, that broke about a week before I left Halifax, broke AGAIN in Goose Bay, but this time way worse, and I had to make an emergency dentist trip to a dentist whose name I can't pronounce. And it broke again the very next day, luckily not as bad as the second time, but enough to make my front tooth look like a chipped china cup. I am of course in danger of infection and even more breakage. I have nightmares about it. Nightmares that may come true. But so far, it's holding on. I am optimistic that it will hold on until I can get to St. John's and have a $1000 cap made for it. Lord, I hate dentistry.

St. Lewis, on the other hand, is spectacular, even though becoming Amy the Gap Toothed Yokel looms on the horizon. The ice has moved back into the harbour, which in a novel, may symbolise isolation or feeling trapped, cut off, or oppressed by the environment. I love to take pictures of laundry blowing in the breeze against the rocks covered with lichen. I don't know how keen the locals are on me taking snaps of their undies in the wind, but there you have it. There are 47 kids at the school where I'm teaching (which is a K-12 school). As it turns out, rural schools ain't all that different. I was informed on day one that one Jerome was suspended for mooning. Huh. 

And I'll bet you're all wondering how I'm managing without Coke. 

I'm eating well. Moose, caribou, salt water duck (which I suspect is really seagull, but you never know), bake apple, and pea soup. Not to mention pizza and the wild balogna. Loving it. Milk has a long shelf life here. I would like to know why you can keep milk on a shelf. The kids were sent home with cartons of milk today because there was still a huge case left over and the expiry date is Saturday. If only I had a bottle of Baily's. Alas. I'm having really milky tea to finish off the milk before it reaches its shelf life... seriously. What is in that milk to get it to keep, I wonder. I do.
mood: curiouscurious
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04:01pm 20/04/2007
Aimless in the Real World
Back on the map... blip... and gone again. Got the work placement. Meghan said that was an obvious. Unfortunately I am SO remote that there is absolutely ZERO chance of me making this wedding. Which really, really, really sucks. What also sucks is that I am so career driven that it's stomping all over my conscience and telling it to screw off. At least I bought them a really nice present? Not very consoling. I am wondering if I am feeling too heavy over this. I don't even know if they really care if I'm at their wedding or not, or are shrugging it off as to another of Amy's inconsiderate whims. I don't know. 

The news is, Labrador. St. Lewis, Labrador, for one month. I've bought teal rain boots and find myself packing some winter clothes for the trip. It's supposed to be spring. Amidst the chaos of moving this house. Eep.
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Commander Vallis  
08:21pm 09/03/2007
Aimless in the Real World
I think that if I were the captain on a Star Trek ship, I would be really shitty at keeping those logs they're supposed to keep... I don't suppose I'd ever get to captain, because I'd be so inconsistent with those Captain's logs and bugger up all those star dates, and try to sneak in entries weeks after they've already happened, that somebody would eventually be on to me and keep me at first officer or something.

The good news is, I may be able to swing this wedding thing and the work placement. Yay.

The bad news is, friends around the world seem to be in crisis and I haven't been able to scrounge the time to call or e mail. I suck. Must. Find. Time. Must.
mood: tiredtired
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08:19am 06/03/2007
Aimless in the Real World
Joy of joys. Dilemma. My very important and longtime friends' wedding is May 11. I really, really, really, really want to go to this wedding.

I have also been offered the opportunity of a lifetime- a month workterm teaching in rural Newfoundland that gives me the three class' credits in advanced methodology I need for the spring, $2000 plus room, board and transportation. But it begins May 7th, and I am not allowed to leave the community I am teaching in for the four weeks. Shit.

Which will I regret more- not going to a very important milestone in my friends' lives, or missing an excellent career opportunity?
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Working for The Ho.  
07:22pm 17/02/2007
Aimless in the Real World
Yep, I reek of coffee, but quite frankly, that isn't so bad. I could smell like burgers. Or be in an office that sucks what little remaining happiness I have left in me at the end of the week. I admit, I'm kinda tired at the end of a shift working for the almighty Ho, but I feel better knowing that I am tackling the issue I created in the autumn with my unrestrained spending. I couldn't even tell me where the money went. I'm not in much trouble, but I was definitely an arse with money. Now I'm getting back on track.

Working for The Ho means wearing pants I can fit my entire family in. There are large pleats for family privacy. I am asked to wear inordinately uncomfortable shoes from Payless and a hairnet. (I can't complain here, though I look like I have no arse, because in wearing my old wool coat out the other day- an enormous old thing- and rather chunky snowboots, I was mistaken for a man while in Sobeys, and at least I can't be mistook entirely for a man in mocha pants with pleats and black plastic shoes... or can I?). The button on my shirt must be buttoned all the way to the top, which actually prevents me from swallowing (read: stuffing my face with timbits). My uniform's colour, and I quote, is mocha. The cloths we use to clean the store are almond, salmon and sky. Almond is for dishes, salmon is for surfaces food might touch...  and sky? I think sky is the scuzzy one meant for cleaning garbage cans? Or is it our hands? Nevermind. A man gave these objects their colours. I am constantly reminded that if I don't have the proper footwear (which I don't, yet, because they're supposed to give me a gift certificate with which to purchase the shoes) and a name tag that bears my name (which I don't, because they either haven't ordered it yet or it hasn't arrived) we'll be docked mega points on the next surprise inspection, which I am also reminded could happen at any given moment. There are a number of Ho veterans who take their jobs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously (though, in fairness, everyone seems to have stepped off the super sweet sugary nice train), particularly one coffee wench who, for my first couple of shifts, was nothing but disdainful and particular (read: bitchy, rude, insulting and sarcastic... granted, I was warned this was her nature, but still. Sheesh.). God's Gift to Coffee mellowed out today and was actually enormously pleasant to work with. It may have been from the fact that she'd taken cold medication, or that  (luckily for me), I was also a semi whiz on the panel of 123239598632 buttons, which are used to magically ring up donuts, timbits in various number and flavour combos, any number of coffee combinations (half regular, half decaf, 4x4s, double doubles, flava shots, twist o this, that on the side, and a new car.) and other goodies. I still haven't figured out how to ring up a godforsaken sandwich yet (because it seems that every element of the sandwich must be rung in) and  I believe if I miss punching in the cream cheese on a bagel, a finger is removed and my face is pressed against the toasting grill. At least, that's the word on the street. At least the tips are good. I haul in about half of what I legitimately earn for the eight hours of my shift. Amen. While I am at the drive through window, I am baked under a heat lamp that is not unlike ones you might see at a buffet, only larger. I feel like one of those roasted chickens at Sobeys, but I am warm.  And I can drink all the tea, coffee and hot chocolate I want. This could mean I'm running around in a caffeinated stupor (before you say it, more than usual), but I'm not. I've only indulged in the bagels so far, and the occasional chocolate milk. 

Things could be worse. In fact, at the location where I was originally meant to be placed, they're scratching each other's eyes out, getting fired, fighting, and generally, pulling rank on one another. My second night at Ho's there was a phone call from said location's manager about the need for workers to replace some of the girls they had to let go over there, as they were physically and verbally fighting each other. Some of the vets (who had been there an embarrassingly long amount of time, literally middle aged women) were less than cordial (downright venomous) to some of the other less than ancient staff, and other girls were simply at each others' throats on top of this. One of their managers came to work at our location the other day whilst I was at school teaching, and was positively wretched to the happy-go-lucky crew of my location. The horror. The drama. The Ho.
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